A Changing of the AvantGarde

At Bensimon Models & Talent, we find beauty in the unexpected, and treasure on the cutting edge. Our specialty lies in discovering the nuanced perfection of youth, and sharing it with the world.

This isn’t just a kids’ modeling agency, this is a calling.


The Bensimon Balloon

We use the balloon as a symbol of everything we hold dear. Bensimon is a celebration of youth, of beauty and innocence, and of the hope we all possess inside. The balloon floats freely in the air, rising higher and higher—and inspires us to keep lifting ourselves upwards to reach our utmost potential.


A World Apart.

Through connections in the fashion industry, an impeccable reputation, and a celebrated eye for curating talent, we’ve worked on cutting edge campaigns for some of the biggest international brands in the world.


We find their light. And let it shine.

Bensimon Models & Talent has remained a boutique agency, and for two important reasons—attention and time.
We are always here for our clients, we listen, we nurture, and let them grow.

We are a dedicated children’s modeling and talent agency, but we’re also a family to everyone who walks through our doors.


Meet the Family.

Take a look at our family of exceptional young models.




Ready to Shine?

As a modeling agency for kids, babies and teens, we’re always on the lookout for new talent.
If you live in the Los Angeles or San Diego areas and would like to enter your child for consideration, fill out our submission form.