Do I need an expensive portfolio?

You are not required to have an expensive portfolio to apply to our agency.  Your portfolio will grow and develop as you work and gain experience.  Zed cards are created for models to bring along on auditions and go-sees. We prefer to meet and test models on camera before signing them, regardless of any experience gained in a studio. Bensimon Models and Talent provides preliminary and updated shots as needed to signed talent.  All photos belong to the agency, and can only be used by Bensimon Models and Talent as signed and agreed upon by the parents.

Do Bensimon Models and Talent accept all children who apply?

No. We decline many applications daily to ensure all our models embody the agency’s look and feel. If there is an interest in the applicant, further steps will be taken toward signing the talent.

What is our commission rate and are we exclusive representation?

Our commission rate is 20% for non-union jobs and 10% for union jobs. Bensimon Models and Talent is an exclusive representation, which means you cannot register your child with more than one agency. By signing with us, your child will be represented in all of southern California, not strictly San Diego.

How often can I expect work?

The amount of work you can expect is dependent on many factors. Work is not guaranteed, as it is the client that will ultimately book the talent. Letting Bensimon Models and Talent know how often you would like to expect work is extremely important, and you will need to go to castings as much as you are submitted based on this agreement.

How much do child models earn?

Each job is different and earnings will depend on the client, campaign, and how much work was completed. Our agency submits talent for only the most fitting and beneficial jobs, and will always negotiate for the best rate to secure the job.

Where should I live?

You will need to live in Southern California to sign with Bensimon Models and Talent. Los Angeles is preferred, as it has the easiest access to auditions and castings.

What legal documents do I need?

All children under the age of 18 are required to have a working permit. These are obtained from the California Department of Industrial Relations and expire every 6 months. You will be responsible for obtaining and renewing these permits. Additionally, you will need to set up a Coogan Account for your child, this will be done through your bank or one recommending by the agency.